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Take a “propagander” at this

April 21, 2009

Although, no, this is not a work of fiction, its certainly a compelling piece of propaganda; which I do consider to be writing as well. I wonder if people laughed at it during WWII… or did her milky, white, Syphilis-infected complexion actually strike fear in the hearts of our armed forces?

Relaxis for the axis?

Relaxis for the axis?

I suppose they do have a point (I don’t know anyone with VD who’s ever successfully defeated the axis), but that’s not what caught my attention. Upon seeing this, I immediately felt absolutely terrible for this woman. I know she’s doing a duty for the country, but by doing so, she’s most likely taking herself off of the market for good– the ultimate sacrifice for your country, I suppose. Maybe Hitler wasn’t a good enough scapegoat (no VD?) and we needed to point fingers at a random American housewife for her unwarranted, unprotected, raunchy sexual exploits. Gotta love the fact that “good time” girls is in quotes. Could the quotes be unnecessary like on The “Blog” of “Unnecessary” Quotation Marks, further degrading her by implying that she’s not a good time at all (won’t play Yahtzee! with me)?

Would something like this work today? Probably not… Did it then? Doubtful– but people probably had a good laugh at her expense. Poor girl.

…I might have a good laugh if “VD” appears in our tag cloud. No worries, my next entry will be a little more serious, but I just had to get this out there. Poor girl.