The Writing Biz


I learned today in a presentation by alumni of Rowan University’s Writing Arts program that I can get a job!! It was music to my ears. I think that many students who study writing feel overwhelmed by the oppurtunies out there. Since writing is such a general category, it’s overwhelming to think of what industry you want to work in, or send your first job application to. Every company needs a writer or an editor for something, and as was mentioned today by the speakers, new age writing is creating even more jobs for writers–some which can take place without even leaving your MacBook. 

But I’ve had an epihpany, if you will, today. Yeah, every company needs a writer, but as writers we have the ability to choose what interests us outside of the wrtiting sphere, and build a career based on it using the skills we’ve learned. For example, I’ve always wanted to work in fashion, but when I started out my college experience at the Fashion Institute of Technology, I learned that fashion wasn’t all I wanted from my career. Writing was too. 

With the skills I’m learning, I will (hopefully) be able to work in the fashion industry, but instead of dealing hands on with the catty, technical, bitchy aspect of the runway or the showroom, I can just sit back, observe, and write about it all. 

So write on, people. There’s something out there for all of us.


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2 Responses to “The Writing Biz”

  1. kellyamareta Says:

    Hi, nice post.
    I have been wondering about this issue,so thanks for posting.
    I’ll certainly be coming back to your site.

  2. pfiste80 Says:

    Hey, anything to get the bread on the table so I can focus on what I REALLY want to do.

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