I love blogging!


In the article “Why blog?” blogs, and what they have to offer are discussed. Dr. Penrod lists five reasons as to why blogs are becoming so popular.

1. They’re easy to publish

2. They’re fun

3. They’re easy to understand

4. They allow for and create an atmosphere of escapism 

5. They create a feeling of empowerment


I agree with all these reasons as to why blogs are popular. I have been blogging for over a year now on MySpace and Facebook , and I have been able to publish my blogs to the Internet for free, and receive feedback from a wide range of people in the process.

Blogging is a fun way of expressing yourself because you don’t need to follow any paticular format. You can talk about almost anything. I also started a blog for a class on the topic of dating and relationships. I enjoyed receiving my teacher’s feedback on my dating advice. My teacher was very receptive to my writing style, and enjoyed my blog.

Nowadays, a good blogging site can jump start a writing career. For instance, the book Waiter Rant was based on a popular blog by a NYC waiter who posted (anonymously) restaurant horror stories involving management and customers.

Blogging is a relatively new development in writng, and I hope it’s here to stay. Mainly, because they are a fun,  and free way to express yourself. The most appealing part of the blogging process is that people will actually read what you write, and hopefully give feedback.

BTW…my blog is http://www.xanga.com/emmylovesbeer  (The blog on dating and relationsips)


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