Have you changed your status, yet?


Nowadays everyone can track your relationship through Facebook. You can track relationship status through My Space too. However, the Facebook status is the one that really counts, and seems to carry the most weight when deciding someones relationship status.

There are some different options available when choosing your Facebook Status:

1. Single (One is the lonliest or most available number, no?)

2. In a relationship (Your attached, and if your significant other has a Facebook we can see who you are attached to!)

3. Married (AKA taken…forever.)

4. It’s complicated (Meaning your kind of together, but not really. However, if one of you decides to see other people the other person will be so pissed.)

5. Engaged (AKA last chance before they are attached to someone else forever!)

6. In an open relationship (Basically means, it’s okay if we cheat on each other.)

Today, I saw someone change their status to it’s complicated on Facebook. Is this what we are doing now? Every time something small (or big) happens in our relationships we run to the computer to change our status? As if the dating world was scary, and humiliating enough now our friends and family get a blow by blow update on our personal relationships?

Another time, I saw someone change their relationship status six times in one month. At that point, why even bother?

Maybe they should add more relationship status options like…”friends with benefits” or “dating so and so short term”

I keep my relationship status off my Facebook, and I’m listed as “married” on my MySpace. In the past, I did update my relationship status as changes in my status happened. However, I found that to have depressing consequences at times.

In short, people should not be able to know everything about you by looking at a Facebook page.


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