Got Text?


Texting is the new way to communicate, and I have no doubt it’s here to stay. Personally, I have a theory that people use text as their primary source of communication because they don’t want to talk on the phone. 

Anywho, texting plans vary, but I go with unlimited texting. That way there is no risk of me going over my limit.

Here’s a link to an article on girl who went a little crazy with the texting….


One Response to “Got Text?”

  1. Bruce Purcell Says:

    I agree that texting is here to stay. A friend of mine complains that this is just one more way to be impersonal in the digital age, but I have to say that it does fit the convenience and speed of communication in the digital age. Texting a quick note to someone without feeling like you have to make conversation just because you contacted that IS very convenient. There are very few people that I can just pick up the phone and say, “Just thinking of you. Hope your day is gong well. Bye”. and texting is a great way to accomplish quick communications like that. As someone who is almost 60, I welcome the technology.
    But on the other hand texting while driving, maybe not so much!

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