Good Writing Tips by ME!


After writing for a while I developed, and picked up some good habits as writer which are worth sharing.

1. One glass of wine can loosen the tongue, but you don’t wanna end up slobbering all over the page.

It starts with one glass, then two, then three, and the next thing you know your wasted and pouring your heart out in a non-sensible manner. When writing keep it at a two drink minimum.

2. Carry around a small book in which you can write down ideas or quotes.

You never know when something will inspire you or piss you off. For that reason alone, always have something you can write down ideas in. That way you won’t forget the ideas later.

3. Don’t publish your work onto a blog or the web until you’ve proofread and waited a week before posting.

Sometimes blogs are like the random guy we shouldn’t have made out with at the bar. We wake up the next morning reeking of tequilla as our inner voice screams “What were you thinking?!?!”, and blogs can be just like that random guy. Think twice before you post on line. After all, your blog stays online ¬†forever.

4. Change names.

If you write true stories (like me!) change the names, and in severe cases get permission.

5. Find someone honest to edit and criticize your work.

The truth hurts, but that is too bad! Writing isn’t for pansies. You need to have the best possible product out there, and sometimes that means taking some verbal blows from someone who is more talented than you.

And there you have it. Five easy tips for better writing practices. All of them are up for adoption, and are ready to be taken into your loving home.


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