Congrats! You have a uterus!




Believe it or not, when this magazine cover came out it was a big deal for two reasons. Number one, Demi Moore is naked in this picture. Number two, she’s also pregnant.


In the entertainment world when a celebrity is revealed as being pregnant (depending on how famous the celebrity is) it causes a media circus.


Every week Angelina Jolie is accused of being pregnant.


Everyone wants Jennifer Aniston to get pregnant and know really knows if she even wants to have kids!


Gwyneth Paltrow has a baby, and names the kid “Apple” and this “news” circulates on all the celebrity magazines. Honestly, I don’t care if she names her kid “potato” that’s her kid’s burden to bear, not mine.


Personally, I love celebrity magazines. However, I’m sick of the glorification of celebrity pregnancies. Celebrities are just like everyone else except for the fact that they are better looking, have more money, and have better lives. But pregnant celebrities should not be treated as if they are giving birth to the Messiah. Or as if their spawn will be super talented or good looking. 


Many women get pregnant, and no one gives a shit. I don’t see why Jessica Alba’s baby is any more different than a baby I see on the street. They’re just babies! They haven’t done anything yet!


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  1. seltze81 Says:

    In case you can’t see the picture on this posting here’s the link:

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