A word on bad blogs.


A great blog is great. A bad blog is bad. And a blog which defies common sense, and human decency is like watching a car accident. The blog is so bad we are horrified as we read it, but we can’t look away.

One day in class a fellow student mentioned she blogged, and that she loved readingblogs. In turn, I expressed my love of blogging and she added me as a friend on My Space. When I read her blog I was shocked and horrified when I read her postings.

Apprently, my classmate was a staunch Republican who seemed to have an unhealthy love of Bon Jovi, and a hatred for just about everything and everyone that did not identify with her short sighted view point.

Her bullietens were just as scary as her blogs, and some of the lines read “Stop being pathetic weak Americans!” It was like she had over dosed on steroids or something.

Let’s just say after discovering my classmate’s hatred of anyone who didn’t love Sarah Palin,  anyone who didn’t support ownership of guns, and emo kids I was wary of her. The blogs she wrote made me think she was crazy, short sighted,un-empathetic, spoiled, and hateful.

In short, be careful what you blog. You may shift the perception of yourself in the wrong direction.


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