Sad Tree


I’m sitting outside for an art class right now, the assignment is to draw anything. I’ve been looking around for an hour and a half, drawing leaves, trees, ponds, and rocks. After a short break just a moment ago I looked up and around, searching for my next subject, and I saw one particular sad-looking tree staring right at me. It has two knots, that if on a face would be cross eyes, it has a long crevice underneath them that I can only see as being a nose, and then underneath all of those it has an upturned u shaped frown. Upon further investigation I have been noticing more and more sad faces on this tree. I can’t help but find the irony in this. according to McCloud, we see faces in everything because we see ourselves in everything. I know I’m being dramatic but with the environmental chaos today, wouldn’t you be a sad tree too?



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