Media Ecology Theory


The following passages are taken from “A First Look at Communication Theory,” by Em Griffin.  They are talking about the Media Ecology Theory which basically shows how changes in the human era can be linked to it’s pertaining media.

“Literacy also jarred people out of collective tribal involvement into “civi- lized” private detachment. Reading words, instead of hearing them, transforms group members into individuals. Even though the words may be the same, the act of reading a text is an individual one.”

This passage embodies the concept that you can read your way to the top. Who needs education when you have a library card?

” “The new tribalism is one where everyone’s buiness is everyone else’s and where we all are somewhat testy.” 8  Citizens of the world are back in acoustic space. ”

This definitely relate to the new era we’re living in now. Take Facebook for example, is it wrong to say that everyone’s business is everyone else’s when someone’s every move shows up on your Newsfeed? I think not.


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