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After a chat with my friend Samantha, who’s studying abroad in Florence, majoring in Italian, and told me that lately she’s been thinking in other languages– I got to thinking. I’m studying in America and majoring in writing, I’m thinking in English words, but recently I am thinking in blog. What does that mean? Lemme tell ya. 

Back in the day, writers found something intriguing and took out a pen and paper and wrote their thoughts down. They’d close the book and there their ideas would lay, in some variation of a small leatherbound journal, until the writer picked it up again. Now, as I am sitting in class or walking down the street, as long as I have WiFi I can publish anything, instantly. People can read it and and find something interesting, or love it or hate it, which inspires them to write a response or a comment somewhere online, which creates a cycle that keeps going and going and going…

Blogging and internet use for writers is creating some major connections. Not just computer to computer wireless signals, but connections to other writers and other media that without the internet they would never see. 

This could be good or bad… On one hand I guess people will be writing more. On the other hand, the good thing about writing something on paper is that if you don’t like it, or if you don’t want anyone else to see it, you can tear it up, throw it out, shred it, light it on fire–whatever you prefer–and it’s gone. Once something is blogged it’s out there forever.


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One Response to “Thinking in Blog”

  1. BW Says:

    The latest version of this is “thinking in tweets or status updates”—the act of constantly reflecting on and commenting on one’s life in the act of living that life. Many see that as solipsistic, but I tend to think that any type of refection is good for engaging the learning process.

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