“Medium” Wings


So, I was looking through the “blog” of “unnecassary” quotation marks the other night. It was actaully Thursday night, very late, I had just gotten home from being out on the “lovely” town of Glassboro. I was a little under the influence but I looked at this website and I laughed and laughed and laughed until my roommate popped her head in my direction and told me to shut up. But then I showed her the website, and she also found it hilarious. The next day, I looked at it again… sure enough it was as funny as the first time.

And then I went to work . (Work is a restaurant/bar where I serve college kids and loathe my wanna-be college kid managers.) I was standing in the kitchen, waiting for my food, when I noticed a guest check out of the corner of my eye. It was written by a manager, and given to a cook. It was lying on the counter and I stole it. This is what it said:

"medium"Now, either A) the boss was trying to play a cruel practical joke on a poor man named Tom, or B) he too is an unnecessary quotation marker.


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