Say what?


I’m going to be honest about my feelings toward this article. Usually, I expect the articles that we are assigned to respond to will not be entertaining. And that’s okay because despite popular belief I did not come to college to be entertained. However, this article was almost impossible for me to focus on. All the words blurred together, and I felt light headed as I tried to mentally sift through the stale dribble on my computer screen.

Confused, and befuddled I went to class, and informed my assigned group of my predicament. I told my group mates that I have self diagnosed ADD. Then being the helpful group that they are explained Bush’s main idea in the article.

Apprently, in this article Bush was predicting in 1945 what we know to be the Internet. All and all I agree with Bush that the internet is an awesome idea. Hell, I love the Internet.

However, as your seemingly average college student I had a tough time digesting and understanding his message. I have no doubt that Bush makes connections in the article which are most likely extremely intelligent. However, those connections flew right over my head, and out the window.

In conclusion,

Bush is way smarter than I am, and that is why he’s able to predict Internet, and I am barely able to decide what to what to eat for dinner.

However, Bush does have leg up on me because he does not have self diagnosed A.D.D. as I do.


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